Embed the sound file into your Word 2010 document.

You can add sound files such as CD tracks, mp3 files, and MIDI music files to a Word document 2010,
and you can use the Microsoft Sound Recorder to record messages and embed them in your Word file.
You can also add comment to your students’ papers;
it is enormous way for teaching and learning, or you may want send it to them.
To do it you need a sound recorder (This program is a utility that is installed with any standard Windows installation) and a microphone to make your recording.

You can find the Sound Recorder by clicking on Start…> Programs… > Accessories… > Entertainment…> Sound Recorder.
Go ahead – check it out – see if it’s there. It records sound in .wav format.
There are 2 ways to add sound to a Word document.
The first method will embed the sound file into your document.
The second method makes a link to the sound file that you create separately.
In this 2nd method, the sound file is not embedded into the Word file,
but rather, a link is created in the Word file which activates the sound file which is on your hard drive.

Method #1

Place your curser in the Word document where you want the player to appear in your document.
Click on the Insert Tab,

Click on Object

A menu appears Object.
From the drop down list scroll down and select Wave sound.
Also check the Display as icon..

Click Ok. What it does get us is the sound recorder.
An icon appears and sound recorder.

Click on the red record button. Record your message.
Everything you are saying is been recorded as a wav format audio clip.
Click on the stop button (the square button) when you are finished recording.
You need to know that this format is very large and the recording that is produced is not suitable to be send to a student.
Also note we only have 60 sec to record.
We need to make the file size smaller.

We need to go to the File menu and select Properties.

A dialog box appears. Click on Convert Now….

The settings appear and leave the settings as is and click Ok.

The conversion is made almost instantly.
What we know have, is icon in the document that indicate a wav sound.
We close the recorder and save the document.
The file size also much smaller and can be send to the student.
The student can open the document and double click on the Icon and the recorder start to play.

Method #2

Place your curser in the Word document where you want the player to appear in your document.
Click on the Insert Tab,

Click on Object

A dialog box open.
Click on Create from File,
browse and locate the music file.
Select the check box of link File and Display as icon.

An icon appears with the file name. To play it double click to play it.

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4 thoughts on “Embed the sound file into your Word 2010 document.

  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  2. In Method 1, in the object window and under the Create New tab, i do not have the Wave Sound object type. Why is that. I do have the full versions of Word 2010 Ultimate.

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