A great feature with Microsoft Word and Outlook action is quick parts

It’s a way to grab something to put it quickly into your E-mail
that you use very often like a response or closing remarks.

To get there you need to be in an E-mail.

Open the Home Tab
and select New E-mail.

To go to the feature you need to click on insert
on the ribbon under text.
If it is not available it usually means you are in an area where it is not assessable
because the cursors may be in the address or subject field once you are in the body of the text of your email then it will become available.

(This image is when you are not in the body of the email. Then it is greyed out.)

(This image is when you are in the body of the text, and then the features are available.)

Click on the Quick Parts arrow. You may or may not have quick parts auto text.
You may see the left side of the name of the company or your name.
What we want to show you how to create one and put it in to Quick Parts.
The way you do this is to create it and then save it as a quick part.
Type your line that you constantly use, you can also use pictures, emails or links.
e.g. For all feedback please direct your correspondence to ………. Thank you.
Select the text
that you created,
then go back to Quick Parts
and choose
Save selection to Quick parts Gallery

A dialog box will open Create New Building Block.

In the Name: section you can change the name if you want to.
In the Gallery: Leave it in the Quick Part Category. In the Category: There is a drop down box.
You have a General Category, but you can add new once if you want to.
You may have at least more than 8 Categories.
Enter your New Category in the Name Box.
Click OK. You can describe it if you want to.
Save in: Leave it as ease.
Options: Insert content only –
is only text.
Insert Content in its own paragraph – means it is separate from the rest of the text.
Insert text on its own page – This is only more in word type entry’s
Select the option you want and Click OK.

Here are a few ideas.

Salutation: Dear: John,
Starting: I am contacting you for the following reason…
Referring to previous contact: In reply to your request,…
Making a request: We would appreciate it if you would …
Offering help: We would be happy to …
Giving bad news: We regret to inform you that …
Complaining: Please note that the goods we ordered on (date) have not yet arrived.
Apologising: We are sorry for the delay in replying to …
Orders: Your order will be processed as quickly as possible.
Prices: Please note that our prices are subject to change without notice.
Referring to payment: According to our records …
Enclosing documents: Thank you for taking this into consideration.
Referring to future business: We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.
Ending business letters: Regards

Close E-mail do not save.

To have a look that if it works.
Click on New E-mail
and let open it go down to the body section.
Now you want to drop the Quick Parts in to the e-mail.
Click where you want it to appear.
Go to Insert Quick Parts
and select the text you want and it automatically add it to your email.
This is the Quick Part. This is a great way.

If you want to change the wording,

select it, and do the same thing actions as previously and save it over the same name.
A dialog box will appear and ask if Do you want to redefine the box entry?
Say Yes. This action overriding the file.

To Delete the file from Quick Parts. Select the file.
Click right
on the mouse button and select Organize and Delete.

A dialog box appears and Building Blocks Organizer
and you will see all the listed ones.
Simply select it and delete it.


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