Word 2010 Shortcut Keys and Special Characters

The following table for the many shortcuts Microsoft Word 2010 offers.
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Embed the sound file into your Word 2010 document.

You can add sound files such as CD tracks, mp3 files, and MIDI music files to a Word document 2010,
and you can use the Microsoft Sound Recorder to record messages and embed them in your Word file.
You can also add comment to your students’ papers;
it is enormous way for teaching and learning, or you may want send it to them.
To do it you need a sound recorder (This program is a utility that is installed with any standard Windows installation) and a microphone to make your recording.

You can find the Sound Recorder by clicking on Start…> Programs… > Accessories… > Entertainment…> Sound Recorder.
Go ahead – check it out – see if it’s there. It records sound in .wav format.
There are 2 ways to add sound to a Word document.
The first method will embed the sound file into your document.
The second method makes a link to the sound file that you create separately.
In this 2nd method, the sound file is not embedded into the Word file,
but rather, a link is created in the Word file which activates the sound file which is on your hard drive.

Method #1

Place your curser in the Word document where you want the player to appear in your document.
Click on the Insert Tab,

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How to create a booklet and print it word 2010 from A4 to A5 as well as A3 to A4 size.

How to create a booklet and print it in Word 2010 from A4 to A5

Many people ask me how to create a booklet in Word 2010

First remember to do your page layout. Open Word and select the Page Layout tab,
then click on the icon in the corner of Page Setup
to launch the Page Setup dialog.

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Insert picture directly from scanner or camera into a Word 2010 document

One solution is to create a keyboard shortcut that allows you to start the default scanning software from within Word and to insert a scanned image directly into a document.

Click the File tab to display the Backstage view;
Now go down and click on Options to display the Word Options dialog box
A dialog box Word Options open
Click Customize Ribbon,
click Customize beside Keyboard shortcuts at the bottom
Another dialog box open named Customize Keyboard
In the Categories column Scroll down and choose All Commands
In the customize keyboard is another column Commands Box in it,
Select InsertImagerScan in Commands (It is alphabetically order)
By default, the keyboard shortcut is assigned to the Normal template so that the keyboard shortcut is always available but you can select the document or the attached document template
To change the keyboard shortcut key
Click on the Currect key to select it then,
Click on Press new shortcut keyand type in ctrl+shift+s (This is My Shortcut key)
At the bottom of the dialog box is a button Assign
click Assign,
Close andOK.

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