Embed your own movie into a Word Document

How to embed your own movie into a Microsoft Word document,
you must have a movie program such as Media Player —
a Microsoft Windows accessory that lets you play audio, video, or animation files —
and a sound card installed on your computer.

Placing your own movie into a Word Document is relative easy
and can make your document much more interactive and be useful.

Start by making a folder and place your video and your document in the same folder.
The two goes hand in hand with each other. (The one can’t work without each other.)

We have to use a Developer Tab.
If the Developer Tab in not on the ribbon you have to enable it.

(Image with now Developer Tab on the ribbon.)

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Use mail merge to create and print letters and other documents

Mail merge is a useful tool that will allow you
to easily produce a set of documents,
such as a form letter that is sent to many customers.
Each document has the same kind of information,
yet some of the content is unique.
For example, in letters to your customers,
you can personalize each letter to
address each customer by name.
The information in each letter comes
from entries in a data source for example a spreadsheet.
If you already have an existing address list, good.
If not create the address list.

This is an example of an address list created in a spreadsheet

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How to Speed Up Microsoft Word 2010

There are a various reasons why Word 2010 may be slowing down, but you can easily change some settings to speed it up.
Turning off any one of the following options may not improve Word’s performance noticeably, but turning off a combination of them might help.

Let us turn off Background Re-pagination.
To do it go to Backstage View To do so, click on File tab and go down click Options in the list on the left.

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Insert picture directly from scanner or camera into a Word 2010 document

One solution is to create a keyboard shortcut that allows you to start the default scanning software from within Word and to insert a scanned image directly into a document.

Click the File tab to display the Backstage view;
Now go down and click on Options to display the Word Options dialog box
A dialog box Word Options open
Click Customize Ribbon,
click Customize beside Keyboard shortcuts at the bottom
Another dialog box open named Customize Keyboard
In the Categories column Scroll down and choose All Commands
In the customize keyboard is another column Commands Box in it,
Select InsertImagerScan in Commands (It is alphabetically order)
By default, the keyboard shortcut is assigned to the Normal template so that the keyboard shortcut is always available but you can select the document or the attached document template
To change the keyboard shortcut key
Click on the Currect key to select it then,
Click on Press new shortcut keyand type in ctrl+shift+s (This is My Shortcut key)
At the bottom of the dialog box is a button Assign
click Assign,
Close andOK.

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