Use mail merge to create and print letters and other documents

Mail merge is a useful tool that will allow you
to easily produce a set of documents,
such as a form letter that is sent to many customers.
Each document has the same kind of information,
yet some of the content is unique.
For example, in letters to your customers,
you can personalize each letter to
address each customer by name.
The information in each letter comes
from entries in a data source for example a spreadsheet.
If you already have an existing address list, good.
If not create the address list.

This is an example of an address list created in a spreadsheet

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Blogging with Microsoft Word 2010

Setting up a Blog with Word

Before you can use Word to write blog posts,
you need a blog account somewhere on the Web.
Popular blogging services include Blogger, SharePoint blog,
Community Server, WordPress, TypePad, and Other.

After you’ve set up a blog account, the next step is to introduce
Word to your blog.
You need to give Word the user name and password you use to sign in.
The first time you start a blog post in Word, Word asks you to register your blog.
Here’s how:
Select FileNewBlog PostCreate.

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